Sky, Moon, and Mars

Google has taken its Google Sky functions and made them available on Google Maps as well as Google Earth. Google Sky for Maps features much of the same space imagery as its Google Earth counterpart. You can zoom in (out?) for a closer view of deep space objects and stars. There are also links that … Continue reading Sky, Moon, and Mars

Sunset over Greenville

I was on my way to Barnes & Nobel after dinner tonight and noticed the sun setting just over the buildings downtown. I pulled into the parking lot of the Park Central office complex on North Pleasantburg and found a nice clear spot with a view of downtown. I set up the tripod and started … Continue reading Sunset over Greenville

They Used the S-Word

I can’t believe it! The Greenville News has finally used the S-Word – “SMOG!” It was even on the front page of the page. The News has notoriously danced around the issue for years, using euphemisms such as “haze” or “ozone,” but never really owning up to the real problem – pollution. The News has … Continue reading They Used the S-Word

New Podcast/Vodcast Gear

I’ve added a couple of new tools to my arsenal of audio/video equipment. I haven’t really done much with podcasting or vodcasting, but I keep getting more and more requests for information about this. Even if this aren’t used for pod/vodcasting, they will still be great tools for digital storytelling. First, on the left, is … Continue reading New Podcast/Vodcast Gear

The Perfect GPS Logger

With all of these photo treks I’ve been taking lately, I’ve been looking into getting a GPS data logger to assist with geotagging. My Garmin eTrex Legend does a nice job, but it’s a bulky battery hog that loses satellite links more often than I would like. When I get out of the car to … Continue reading The Perfect GPS Logger


Being sick is the pits. I’ve had a fever for three days now, and I’m ready to be done with it. Saturday night was the worst, so I’m hoping that I am improving. What bothered me most were the weird dreams and hallucinations brought on by the fever. I found myself in an endless programming … Continue reading Ill

High Hills of the Santee

Houston and I had another photo trek planned, but this time we had convinced our other brother, Steve, to join us. We rendezvoused at out parents house in Prosperity Friday night, then drove down to meet Steve the next morning. Our first stop was Holy Cross Episcopal Church. This church is made of “rammed earth.” … Continue reading High Hills of the Santee