Virtual Tourism

One of my Flickr contacts, Matt (aka greenkayak73), has posted some interesting photos of a day trip he took to the communities of Stateburg and Horatio, both located in Sumter County. Of particular interest were his photos of the old LeNoir Store in Horatio, which has been operated by the Lenoir family for nearly 200 … Continue reading Virtual Tourism

Annoying Christmas Music

Some years ago I considered myself a purist when it came to taste in Christmas music. All I wanted to listen to were the classics, anything that came out of the Oxford Book of Carols, or anything written and arranged by David Willcocks or John Rutter. Basically, stuff from the British school and Lessons and … Continue reading Annoying Christmas Music


Today is the first Sunday of Advent. For those of us who refuse to live by the commercial calendar, it’s the start of the Christmas season. Well, not really that even, but the preparation for the Christmas season. I’ve mentioned before that one church where I worked, the minister would not allow any Christmas music … Continue reading Gloria