Advanced Photoshop

Last night I began a four-week class on Advanced Photoshop.  The class is being taught by John Simo at the West End Darkroom in Greenville. I thought I knew Photoshop.  I’ve been using it for the past twelve years, ever since version 4.0.  I knew I had barely scratched the surface, but I wasn’t prepared … Continue reading Advanced Photoshop

Rockin’ Thanksgiving

I’ve said it before. Thanksgiving is probably my favorite holiday. Apart from feast preparations, there are no heavy expectations for gifts, etc. You just enjoy each other’s company. This year we celebrated over at Chip and Anna’s. That means turkey liberally sprinkled with electronics and video games. The game of choice this year was “Rock … Continue reading Rockin’ Thanksgiving


I had multiple confirmations that this morning’s State Department meeting in Columbia was a complete waste of time.  First, when I identified myself as an IT person, the presenters said that I wouldn’t get as much out of the meetings as others.  Then there was the presenter who kept referring to “school inoperable framework”, instead … Continue reading Inoperable

Charleston Roadtrip

After the past several busy, busy weekends, we decided a roadtrip was in order. Charleston and the ACE Basin seemed to be the ticket, so after work on Friday, Laura, her mom and I headed south. We found a place in North Charleston, which would place us within striking distance of the Beidler Forest, in … Continue reading Charleston Roadtrip

Pinhole DSLR

pinhole pumpkins orton desaturated

It may seem a bit ironic. Flickr and the web are full of schemes that make photographs taken with high-end cameras look like they were taken with cheap odd-balls – Lomographs, Holgas, Dianas, etc. Most of these techniques involve manipulating images with Photoshop to mimic a particular photographic effect. Today I tried one that involves the construction of a lens – one with a pinhole.

The concept is quite simple. Taking the black body cap from any SLR, be it digital or otherwise, you can add a pinhole aperture. Of course, you have to put the camera in full manual mode, but it works. Here’s how I did it… Continue reading “Pinhole DSLR”