Greenville Greenway

Of the past five Fridays, I’ve been in a doctor’s office for four of them for various aches and ailments.  Today I was determined to stay out of a doctor’s office, despite the fact I’ve still got a busted knee from last week’s kayaking trip. Bad knee aside, I decided I would take my newly … Continue reading Greenville Greenway

Pottermania – Part Two

Around 1:30 I headed over to the Main Branch of the Greenville County Library.  The Harry Potter Party was supposed to start at 2:00, but I had some doubts about my attendance. As I watched the young wizards and witches arrive I realized that my uneasy feelings were right on target.  "Hey, Mom!  There’s a … Continue reading Pottermania – Part Two

Pottermania – Part One

I confess.  I have been whistling John William’s theme from the Harry Potter movies for the past two weeks.  I have engaged in idle speculation and conversation about the potential deaths of major characters in the series.  I have flaunted my Harry Potter fandom in the face of those who think the series is evil … Continue reading Pottermania – Part One