Quick(ish) Ribs

I actually did this Tuesday night, but I’m just now getting around to writing about it. Let’s say you don’t have a smoker, and you forgot to put your ribs on for that slow-cooking, fall-off-the-bone flavor.  That’s what faced me Tuesday with the pork spare ribs Laura had purchased for dinner, so I had to … Continue reading Quick(ish) Ribs

Pickens Museums

I’ve already made mention here about the outstanding job the Pickens County Library is doing with their historical photos and Flickr.  This past week I had seen something about a photography exhibit at the Pickens County Museum, and decided to check it out. I was most impressed with this little museum.  Although it’s not high-tech … Continue reading Pickens Museums

Get ’em while you can

I needed a new power cable for my Garmin GPS. I’ve gone through three of these things since getting this GPS a couple of years ago. Two came apart, and one actually popped a fuse on the cigarette lighter on both of our cars. These things weren’t designed very well. The last one I bought … Continue reading Get ’em while you can

Red, White, and Boom

You’ve never experienced Southern fireworks until you can actually taste it. – Glynda, after a particularly close discharge For the past several years, our Fourth of July Celebration has included dead cow muscle tossed on a grill at our house, then explosives at Glynda’s house when it gets dark. This year followed that similar pattern, … Continue reading Red, White, and Boom