NECC 2007 – Day One

It’s been a long time since I’ve been to Atlanta.  The last time was seven years ago for the last time NECC was in town.  I had psyched myself to not be surprised at how much the city had sprawled up I-85.  It didn’t help.  I was still surprised. Homer and I are staying at … Continue reading NECC 2007 – Day One

De Agony of De Feet

I’ve spent the past two Fridays sitting in doctors’ offices.  Last week it was the top of my head.  This week, it’s the bottom of my feet.  From what we can determine, the rounds of antibiotics combined with other drugs I take have brought on an acute case of gout. Gout – the word brings … Continue reading De Agony of De Feet

Cranial Crater

Back at work… So, what happened to your head? Responses (depending on mood and audience)… Meteors Rugburns Forgot to wear my hat in a hailstorm I decided to have the horns removed I installed cranial ports I’m having the halo adjusted Lobotomy Continue reading Cranial Crater

Environmental Religion

I was scanning radio channels on my short wave radio the other day and came across an interesting right-wing rant against environmentalism.  First, the comentator refered to environmentalists as "greenies", "..that’s what we call them..," he stated.  The pamphlet he was promoting on air tries to show that the concept of global warming is actually … Continue reading Environmental Religion

It’s Chemistry

There’s a new matchmaker website and service making the rounds of cable TV. (nope, no hyperlink) purports to match more people with their "soulmates" than Of course, when we saw this, Laura was outraged.  She couldn’t believe that the American Chemical Society hadn’t snapped up the domain name.  This led to a … Continue reading It’s Chemistry