South Carolina Encyclopedia

I added another resource for my ghost towns project. Yesterday at lunch I snuck away to Barnes & Noble and purchased a copy of the South Carolina Encyclopedia. I almost bought this with Christmas money last winter, but I felt I could actually use it now. As with any other printed encyclopedia, hard decisions have … Continue reading South Carolina Encyclopedia

Take me with you

Yesterday was the last school day for students, and tomorrow is the last school day for teachers in our district.  We have a longer than usual summer this year.  Thanks to the state legislature, the starting time for school has been pushed back into August so to accomodate the more vocal tourist counties, such as … Continue reading Take me with you

Pickens County on Flickr

As I’m looking for information about small towns, I’m stumbling across some fantastic resources. The latest is an offering by the Pickens County Library System. The have set up a Flickr account for the historic photographs in their collection. The original photographs and negatives are house in in the Mary Oates Gregorie Historical Room at … Continue reading Pickens County on Flickr

The Life of Brian

I was doing some work on my SC Ghost Towns project and I thought I might see what images I could find on Flickr for small towns in our state.  This led me to the work of Flickr photographer Brian the Red.  Brian apparently has the goal of photographing every post office building in South … Continue reading The Life of Brian

Ghost Towns of South Carolina

Bodie Ghost Town When one hears the words "Ghost town", one usually conjures up images of an abandoned prospectors’ town somewhere out west, similar to the picture of Bodie, California seen above. However, South Carolina has its fair share of ghost towns. While tumbleweeds and swinging saloon doors may not provide the scenery for the … Continue reading Ghost Towns of South Carolina

From Marsh to Swamp

  St. George turned out to be a fine place to stay.  The room at the Quality Inn was nice and cheap, and there was free WiFi and continental breakfast.  This also put us just thirty minutes from Beidler Forest. We arrived at Beidler just a few minutes after it opened.  Sunday is usually a … Continue reading From Marsh to Swamp

From Swamp to Marsh

Laura and I decided to get away for the weekend. I made reservations in the [sarcasm] lovely [/sarcasm] lowcountry town of St. George, and early Saturday morning we headed south. I picked St. George because I knew I could find something decent cheap near the Interstate. Also, we ultimately wanted to wind up at Beidler … Continue reading From Swamp to Marsh

So long S1, Hello S50

After a short life of only two years, my trusty Nikon S1 has finally bit the dust.  I carried it with me everywhere.  It took fantastic shots, and was great in situations where my big Nikon D50 wasn’t appropriate.  I loved the idea of having a quality camera with me at all times. I loved … Continue reading So long S1, Hello S50