Pet Diaries

I usually hate Internet and e-mail memes.  However, I found this one so funny I felt compelled to share.  As with most of these memes, I have no idea who the original author might be…. Excerpts from a Dog’s Daily Diary: 8:00 am – Dog food! My favorite thing! 9:30 am – A car ride! … Continue reading Pet Diaries

Flocking to Flock

Last year at FETC I learned about the new browser Flock in one of the sessions by David Warlick.  Warlick mentioned it again at EdTech this past fall, and I’m just now getting around to exploring its potential. Flock is based on the Mozilla Firefox browser, and has extensions especially tuned for Web 2.0. There … Continue reading Flocking to Flock

Lake Conestee

It’s the last day of Thanksgiving freedom, so I decided that a bit more exploring was in order.  I decided to visit the new Lake Conestee Nature Park recently created by Upstate Forever.  It was challenging finding the public access at first.  One map showed access points both behind the old Municipal Stadium and at … Continue reading Lake Conestee

FP Digital Cameras

In all of the gluttony of television ads for Black Friday, one product really caught my eye.  Fisher-Price now offers a digital camera in its "Kid Tough" line of products.  A digital camera marketed to kids isn’t anything new.  I’ve seen several really cheap versions in stores for years now.  I think the difference here … Continue reading FP Digital Cameras

Scan Happy

It’s a rainy day, and I have the day off.  It’s a perfect day for finally getting some of my photographs organized.  I’ve got two scanners ready – mine that I’ve had for awhile, and one that I borrowed from Chip.  Chip’s has an automatic photo feeder, so I was hoping it would speed up … Continue reading Scan Happy

A New Bond

Chip and I went to see the new Bond movie, Casino Royale, this afternoon.  All of the promos have described this as a new, edgier, culnerable Bond.  It’s all that in spades (quite literally.)  The last Bond movie, Die Another Day", paid homage to the previous 19 movies in a big way, whereas this one … Continue reading A New Bond