Celebratory Weekend

We had a double-birthday weekend. Amy’s birthday was Saturday, and Laura’s was Sunday. It was the first time in many years that they had been able to spend their birthdays together. Saturday morning I met my brother Stephen and his family for a photo session at Rock Quarry Garden.  It was the first time his … Continue reading Celebratory Weekend

FRI13 Followup

As mentioned earlier, things were quiet at Byrnes High School on Friday the 13th.  It was interesting to compare media coverage of the day.  For example, here are a few excerpts from the article in The Greenville News.  These are the first sentences from each of the paragraphs… But 804 students were absent, and Spartanburg … Continue reading FRI13 Followup

Too Many Choices

It seems that everyone has scheduled their fall events for this weekend.  Somehow the cosmic forces for community planning have aligned, and the entire populace will be heading to various festivals and activities.  Here’s a partial list… Fall for Greenville – a three day street festival featuring booths from various restaurants. Stonefest – a music … Continue reading Too Many Choices

You’re a winner!

I got a call this evening from the folks at Knowitall.org.  I had been collaborating with them on a couple of projects, and had incorporated Knowitall resources in my Google Earth talk last week.  It wouldn’t be unusual for them to call.  I had actually exchanged a couple of e-mails with someone from their office … Continue reading You’re a winner!

I feel so…dirty

  I attended my first political rally this evening.  We both got invitations in the mail to a BBQ to support Tommy Moore, Democrat candidate for governor of South Carolina.  Little did I know it was a Republican gathering.   I should have known, though.  Since Laura and I tend to vote in the Republican … Continue reading I feel so…dirty

Expanding Toy

Expanding Toy I got a box from HP and Intel today that felt fairly light. I hadn’t ordered anything from HP lately, so I was curious. The only thing in it was the expanding ball toy with an attached tag that read, "Expand your office." Strange. I may leave it on my desk for awhile, … Continue reading Expanding Toy

Failing NCLB

When I got back from Myrtle Beach yesterday the news was that every district in South Carolina had failed to meet Annual Yearly Progress (AYP) as required by No Child Left Behind. (GreenvilleOnline.com – School scores called flawed – (10/6/2006)). Let me repeat that – not a single school district in SC met AYP. Only … Continue reading Failing NCLB