Scenes from I-85

I decided to try a little experiment this morning.  I took my Nikon S1 and mounted it on a mini-tripod.  I then set the camera to "interval" mode so it would take a picture every thirty seconds, ensuring hands-free operation.  I made sure the flash was off, then set the camera on the dashboard of … Continue reading Scenes from I-85

Cry Baby Bridge

If it’s Wednesday, it must be another episode of Ghost Hunters.  Tonight the team investigated a haunted house and a haunted penitentiary looking for "shadow people", dark apparitions that seem to disappear. I’m continuing my read of Tally Johnson’s "Ghosts of the South Carolina Upcountry".  One thing I noticed was the abundance of "Cry Baby" … Continue reading Cry Baby Bridge

Rooftop Advertising

Then…   Now…   The time I’ve spent cruising Google Earth lately has made one thing abundantly clear – our cities’ rooftops are outright ugly.  It used to be that no one would ever see them, so they were the perfect place for those unsightly but necessary building components, such as HVAC units.  Take, for … Continue reading Rooftop Advertising

Really Random Connections

One concert down and one really big work project complete, and I find myself with a few spare minutes to post some  things I’ve stumbled across the past few weeks.  These truly are random… World’s Largest Architectural Blunder I found this via UrbanPlanet.   The largest hotel in the world was supposed to be the … Continue reading Really Random Connections

Homecoming and Mozart

Another weekend of madness.  First there was a Saturday morning rehearsal at the Peace Center.  I just had time to make it to Furman in time for the game with UTC.  This time I brought my D50 to the game (and forgot my binoculars.)     Lis joined us, along with our friend Dwight.   We … Continue reading Homecoming and Mozart

Homecoming Friday

I pulled into our parking lot at work Friday morning to find only one other car.  I was actually five minutes later than normal, and was wondering what was going on.  Turns out not only was it a staff development day, but all of our office staff was at Millikin.  It was a blessedly quiet … Continue reading Homecoming Friday

More Hauntings

I’m guessing my faithful readers (all both of you) are wondering, "What’s with the obsession with ghosts?"  Only that it’s getting close to Halloween, Laura’s favorite holiday, and that there’s another new episode of Ghost Hunters on tonight.    This time TAPS investigated a place with which we’re very familiar, the Copper Queen Hotel in Bisbee, … Continue reading More Hauntings

Local Republican Loonies

Given the Mark Foley scandal, Bush’s misbegotten war in Iraq, and the scads of other examples of hipocrisy in the Republican party, it still amazes me that they continue to fool people and get elected.  Our local races aren’t much better.  Our incumbent governor, Mark Sanford, has threatened to sue several television stations because they … Continue reading Local Republican Loonies


Laura and I both have had marathon meetings this week.  Even though it was just Tuesday, we felt the need for some downtime.  Laura was in the mood for a mindless episode of Ghost Hunters, and I happened to still have one on my iPod.  I plugged it into the TV, and the vegetation began. … Continue reading Orbs!