Fall Back

The morning started far too early – 4:00 AM, to be exact.  That was the time that we received an automated call saying that Laura’s flight to Seattle was delayed.  We managed to fall back to sleep and wake up at a reasonable time for a Saturday morning (even though Laura was originally scheduled to … Continue reading Fall Back

Nine days and counting

  Elections are a week from Tuesday.  They can’t come soon enough, in my opinion.  I’m tired of the signs, the television ads, and the vilification of one side by another.  Being a Democrat in a Republican stronghold can be disheartening sometimes.  I do hope that the pundits are correct about growing support for Democrats … Continue reading Nine days and counting


  The map that you see above is one of several that have occupied nearly all of my working hours.  I created that map, and I printed multiple copies of it in 24"X36" format.  Monday night the new attendance areas for our district were presented to the school board, and Thursday night we went before … Continue reading Fallout