You’re a winner!

I got a call this evening from the folks at  I had been collaborating with them on a couple of projects, and had incorporated Knowitall resources in my Google Earth talk last week.  It wouldn’t be unusual for them to call.  I had actually exchanged a couple of e-mails with someone from their office … Continue reading You’re a winner!

I feel so…dirty

  I attended my first political rally this evening.  We both got invitations in the mail to a BBQ to support Tommy Moore, Democrat candidate for governor of South Carolina.  Little did I know it was a Republican gathering.   I should have known, though.  Since Laura and I tend to vote in the Republican … Continue reading I feel so…dirty

Expanding Toy

Expanding Toy I got a box from HP and Intel today that felt fairly light. I hadn’t ordered anything from HP lately, so I was curious. The only thing in it was the expanding ball toy with an attached tag that read, "Expand your office." Strange. I may leave it on my desk for awhile, … Continue reading Expanding Toy