Halloween 2006

Few trick-or-treaters.  Laura had prepared a great meal, and her mom was getting settled in.  We waited for the kids to arrived, but they just didn’t show up. It reminded me of the first year that we lived in this house.  There was a steady stream of children, then suddenly nothing.  It wasn’t until the … Continue reading Halloween 2006

Fallout, Part 2

The abstract certainly became concrete tonight. The little dots on map mapping program represent actual kids, some backed up by verry vocal paraents. As suspected, this evening’s public forum for the new district attendance lines was much better attended than last week’s. And, as observed last week, those that had the greatest concerns were the … Continue reading Fallout, Part 2

Most Haunted

It seems that most of our favorite shows are actually British remakes.  We watched some in their original format on BBC America (Coupling, Cash in the Attic, Changing Rooms, What Not to Wear), and we’re just now becoming aware of some of our familiar American versions that started out on BBC.  Ghosthunters is a case … Continue reading Most Haunted

First Amendment

One issue on next week’s ballot is the proposed Amendment #1 to the SC Constitution.  This "Defense of Marriage" amendment would restrict marriage to a man and a women.  I’m sure that’s something to get all of the conservative juices flowing and make sure that all the little Republicans come out to defend marriage and … Continue reading First Amendment

Fall Back

The morning started far too early – 4:00 AM, to be exact.  That was the time that we received an automated call saying that Laura’s flight to Seattle was delayed.  We managed to fall back to sleep and wake up at a reasonable time for a Saturday morning (even though Laura was originally scheduled to … Continue reading Fall Back

Nine days and counting

  Elections are a week from Tuesday.  They can’t come soon enough, in my opinion.  I’m tired of the signs, the television ads, and the vilification of one side by another.  Being a Democrat in a Republican stronghold can be disheartening sometimes.  I do hope that the pundits are correct about growing support for Democrats … Continue reading Nine days and counting


  The map that you see above is one of several that have occupied nearly all of my working hours.  I created that map, and I printed multiple copies of it in 24"X36" format.  Monday night the new attendance areas for our district were presented to the school board, and Thursday night we went before … Continue reading Fallout