Photo theft

I had my first problem with photo theft today.  One of the discussion boards I frequent is  There are sections for cities around the US, with Greenville having one of the more active discussion boards on the site.  One of the threads is the Photo of the Day (POTD) thread.  I’ve met several local … Continue reading Photo theft

South Saluda Run

The Time Lords were not happy.  However, it was an accident.  I didn’t mean to bring Sunday’s paper into the house before it was actually Sunday, and when I recognized my mistake, I quickly stepped back out and left the vile thing on the bench outside until Sunday arrived.  However, the damage had been done.  … Continue reading South Saluda Run

Mindset List

Since 1998 Beloit College has released its Mindset List for the incoming Freshman Class.  It was intended to provide faculty and staff at the college a guide for relating to the new students and understanding their perceptions of the world.  I think now it has long since left that goal, and now serves as blog … Continue reading Mindset List

Big happenings in Duncan

…They say they’re going to open up the baseball field at 7:30 for kids. You know, with all those blow up toys that kids can jump on. Plus, there’s going to be a bunch o’ people camping out to make sure they get their tickets… …There’s also gonna be that triathalon thing. They gonna start … Continue reading Big happenings in Duncan

Pet Pizza Peeve

One of our favorite Thai restaurants is located right next door to a Papa John’s Pizza place.  Sometimes it’s nearly impossible to find a place to park because all of the spots are taken by pizza delivery cars.  The photo below clearly shows the joint’s attitude toward their own customers (see inset).  You can imagine … Continue reading Pet Pizza Peeve

Two coffees to go

Two drive-through coffee shops have made an appearance in Duncan in the past year.  Both offer similar products, but apart from products, the two couldn’t be more different. The first to make its appearance was Curbside Coffee.  Curbside moved into a defunct Dairy Queen located right next to a huge truck stop right at I-85.  … Continue reading Two coffees to go

Please, no wax

I’ve discovered a major drawback with PDAs that include phone capabilities, such as Treos and Blackberries. First, you can’t multitask. There’s no good way to look at your calandar while you’re on the phone. More importantly, I find it hard to view data on my screen because of ear prints. I may have stop making … Continue reading Please, no wax

Cache In, Trash Out

On Saturday the Upstate South Carolina Geocachers Association (USCGA) held a Cach In, Trash Out (CITO) event at the South Carolina Academic Learning Environment (SCALE).  How’s that for a bunch of acronymns with links? SCALE is our district’s outdoor classroom.  It’s roughly in the shape of South Carolina, and is designed to be a scale … Continue reading Cache In, Trash Out