Derby Day

I think it’s terrible that they handicap those race horses. Our good friends Chris and Vicky have a Derby Party each year.  Once a year, my interest in horse racing moves beyond just reading Dick Francis novels.  Could be three times a year, if there is a true Triple-Crown contender, but I don’t think that … Continue reading Derby Day

Farmers Market

It seemed like a good idea at the time.  The Piedmont Plant Festival was happening this weekend at the Greenville Farmers Market.  Despite the crowds, I was looking forward to the interesting wares, and particularly one wonderful baker that shows up for this festival. I had forgotten about the plants themselves and what that might … Continue reading Farmers Market

The Ultimate Gadget

Ohh, those to most conflicting of emotions – the love of gadgetry versus miserly tendencies.  The internal battle raged as I tried to select a new phone.  Turns out that unless you get the most basic model, you can’t get a cell phone without a camera, at least with our carrier.  This is a problem.  … Continue reading The Ultimate Gadget