Ash Wednesday

I began this Lenten season with the sin of pride.  Having missed Mardi Gras by spending it all day at a hospital with my father, I figured I was entitled to at least some leeway on Ash Wednesday. Fourth Presbyterian had a service this evening with Communion and the imposition of the ashes.  During the … Continue reading Ash Wednesday


Dirt, Dirt, Dirt People are always moving it.  We walk on it and live on it, but nobody ever seems satisfied with the dirt they got.  People are always taking the dirt they have and moving it somewhere else. I assume this outburst was prompted by a dump truck that was passing by.  However, I’ve … Continue reading Dirt

The call no one wants

I’ve been neglecting this site for a bit. Apart from just being extremely busy, last Sunday I got the call that no child wants to receive. "Dad was taken to the hospital this afternoon with chest pains." Turns out my father had a mild heart attack. His prognosis is good, and he is slowly making … Continue reading The call no one wants