Two days and a surprise ice storm later, I’m finally back at work.  Sunday morning we got up with no clue as to what was about to happen.  By chance we watched the forecast, and was surprised to see an ice storm on the way.  We did the emergency milk and bread thing at the … Continue reading

It’s been a great weekend.  It started yesterday morning with a quick round of disc golf at Holmes Park with John and Richard.  Richard actually did very well, for a three-year old.  I had my share of good and bad throws, but the highlights came on hole 1, where I nearly sunk it on the … Continue reading

What a day it’s been!

The day first started with a round of disc golf with John and Richard at Holmes Park.  I made a hole-in-one on the second tee.  I had some other incredible shots, but had an equal share of really crappy shots, too. Laura reminded me that “Whad’Ya Know” was broadcasting from Clemson today.  I had wanted … Continue reading What a day it’s been!

I’ve been listening to Radio Paradise on .  It’s a strange, eclectic mix, but I like it.  Occasionally I’ll listen to the Downtown Spy Channel when I’m playing pool.  It’s got some good ambient beats interspersed with clips from James Bond movies.  Good stuff. Another good site Chip told me about is Albino Black … Continue reading

Sometimes going on vacation does more harm than good, or, at least, plants evil seeds of dissatisfaction and desire.  I now want a boat.  Not a kayak or other paddling thing, but something with a motor.  It doesn’t have to be a yacht, but I want something large enough to be comfortable, powerful enough to … Continue reading

A surprisingly good breakfast for a Hampton Inn, and then we were off.  We stopped by a garden googah place just outside of Georgetown, and found a wonderful selection of yard art.  We just couldn’t leave without a concrete heron.  Go figure. We headed inland from Georgetown toward Sumter, across some of the most desolate … Continue reading

One thing I’ll give MB.  It has some great places to eat breakfast.  Actually, lots of places.  During our meal, we made made our day’s travel plans.  Laura’s goal was to have driven the entire length of the SC coast by the end of this trip, so our plan was to first drive north, then … Continue reading

Myrtle Beach!?!?!?!??!

Laura and I both had a three-day weekend, thanks to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  Since we didn’t go anywhere for our anniversary, we decided to head out of town on a road trip.  The destination she suggested nearly floored me — Myrtle Beach. I’ve already expressed my opinions on MB, but Laura’s experience was … Continue reading Myrtle Beach!?!?!?!??!

How does one misplace an entire season?  From Halloween to New Year’s and then some seems to be gone — one blur of activity, then illness, then celebration, then a new era is upon us.  The missing time also coincides with the time that Laura’s mother was with us.  I mean to draw no parallels … Continue reading