Witches and Granny Witches

4 thoughts on “Witches and Granny Witches”

  1. Tom, my ancestors lived in the same general area as you (Gray Court / Laurens… many from Riddles Old Field / Warrior Creek). Later on, my grandparents lived not far from Yarborough’s Mill Road (although they called it “Yarbers Mill”).

    Back in the day, my great uncle was known to have the gift of “talking fire”… a bit of voodoo where he could talk warts off of a person. Just wondering if, in your local travels, you’d come across the term or knew anything about the act of talking fire as I can’t seem to find anything out about it. I do remember my great uncle very well.

    Still enjoying your blogs and photos!

    1. I have heard that term, but it’s been a long time. I can’t remember if it was applied to warts, or what. It might also be good to check the Foxfire series. They had all sorts of home remedies like that.

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