William Walker Memorial Singing

4 thoughts on “William Walker Memorial Singing”

  1. That’s what I was noticing. It did look like there were some good singings in Georgia, and I may try to go to one.

    Thanks for the links!

  2. Don’t be too quick to discount the Furman University Singing (May 10). I go to A LOT of shape note singings in very primitive locations and its not always about the acoustics or the quaintness. Its usually about the singers. And there are some very fine singers in the Greenville area (these were the folks you encountered at Owings). The Furman singing is one of my favorite combined Christian Harmony and Sacred Harp singings. (And the room they use has great acoustics.)

  3. Thanks for the input, Jane. I had already thought I might go to the Furman Singing just for comparison.

    I sing in Harper Hall every Monday evening, so I’m quite familiar with the setting. The acoustics are good.

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