Who’s Gonna Clean Up After All These Elephants??

4 thoughts on “Who’s Gonna Clean Up After All These Elephants??”

  1. I find it refreshing that some of the local religious sheep get up enough character to separate themselves from the BJU manifesto and decide that they can live, work and make decisions outside the protective umbrella of the BJU leaders.

    BJU sometimes appears cultic in it’s attempt to govern itself and those attached to it’s programs. People who have work on campus as well as on staff can tell you how the local “witch hunters” can be spooked into chasing down an offender of their ways or personell.

    At BJU, they tend to eat their sheep to control them much the way they would glory in shipping their students whom Miller and Berg decided were’nt spiritual enough.

    Glad Mr. Miller finally found his “calling” at Morningside. He wasn’t much of a dean nor a dective……”under th

  2. T.Miller’s “under the hot lamp” with James Moran aka “the Baywatch campaign” when a group of GA’s cooked up a plan to bait the “witch hunters” into attacking a mocked up story of baywatch viewers amon

  3. Story continued.. when a group of GA€™s cooked up a plan to bait the €œwitch hunters€ into attacking a mocked up story of baywatch viewers among facuty and staff.

    As Miller sought to “find out” about this evilness, he placed himself by a particular table in the dinning common so as to be in earshot of a group or individual that “needed” watching. As the GA group saw this it was then (wink wink) decided to drop the Baywatch word and smile among those in participation in the baiting.

    Miller went into action by later calling in certain students from that table and finnally using the “hot lamp” on a certain GA” that had been planted by the group. Code name “James Bond” Moran was questioned as to the meaning of “Baywatch” and was given a choice as wether to get shipped or ratting out a staff member whom was a “person of interest” for the local witch hunters.

    James had been tipped off about this situation earlier and was to fain shock when Miller stated that “individual” was an embarrasment to the school and was spreading bad rumors about the school.

    In order to save James the “baywatch gang” decided to continue the spoof and have James and the “marked one” meet in the dinning common and fain a fight over this supposed ratting out of staff member.

    As word got around we waited on word from the “marked one” to hear the word “baywatch and blonde bomber” to circulate and found great amusment when even Fred the Davis got trapped into the “kissing the busty blonde” joke.

    Poor Fred, what a way to leave a legacy of corn dogs and russian hash and “where’s my carpet” jokes.

    As for T. Miller, Berg and Bob III………You were all had!


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