“What will you miss about newspapers?”

3 thoughts on ““What will you miss about newspapers?””

  1. Thought about this post last night as I read the Sunday New York Times in bed. With one hand. After it had downloaded wirelessly and automatically to my Kindle.

    And recently canceled my subscription to the local fish wrap. I was paying $16 a month to recycle the newsprint.

    Reading a newspaper on a RSS reader works; reading a newspaper on a Kindle works better.

    Have read a daily paper since about age 8, and hate to see the medium go, but….

  2. I canned my subscription to the Greenville Paper last spring due to Dan Hoober’s nastiness toward Furman and the overall frustration with the Op-Ed staff. However, I’m quite frustrated with the online edition (not user friendly at all), and have given thought to re-subscribing. I think that perhaps Hoover is gone (though I don’t see Paul Hyde either anymore, who was a breath of fresh air in the op-ed and music review functions. We’ll see … I’d subscribe to a digital version if it was decent, usable, and thorough.

  3. The problem with Greenville Online is that they don’t make all of the stories available online. There are those that come from syndicated content, and there are those that for whatever reason they choose not to include. I’ve never found one of our Chorale concert reviews online, otherwise I would have linked to them on the Chorale website.

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