Western SC Tower Tour

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  1. Tom

    If you ever expand your fire tower search into the Midlands there is a standing tower in Gaston, Lexington County within a small park just off US 321 on the west side of town. Don’t know if possible to climb this tower. Another tower stand in Eastover in southern Richland county. There was write up on this one on WIS TV web site back in 2001. According to the article (which ( have saved if you want a copy) it is privately own and known as the Eastover Eiffel Tower. Complete with AC/heat and other comforts of a den. Still have to walk up and down 138 steps. Unfortunately no photos.


  2. I lived at Cleveland Tower in Greenville county from age 7 to 18 and can give you information about the four locations in the county if you would like.


    Mack Burgess

  3. I’m a Clemson student doing a project on fire towers and this was very helpful to me, so thanks! I’ve visited the Long Mountain tower that you said was gated; it was a lucky day and I drove right up to the top, where a hole had been cut in the surrounding fence and the tower was open and (mostly) safe. Tomorrow I’m going to check out the Clemson tower–it does exist, but it’s only visible in the winter. I contacted someone about it and I’m hopeful about going up! I’m glad to know now not to waste time with Glassy Mountain and Easley if I can’t climb them, and I think I will try hiking the one at Round Mountain. Glad to know somebody else thinks fire towers are cool. šŸ™‚

  4. I have a picture of the Round Mt tower taken from my house in Toccoa, Ga.
    Send me your email address and i will forward it to you.

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