Weekend Update, again

3 thoughts on “Weekend Update, again”

  1. You’re not singing this summer? Bummer. Of course, with your Chamber Chorale gig, I can understand – you don’t get a break otherwise.

    I know the stairway you mentioned. Back in the early 90s, I spent a lot of time walking Greenville. Didn’t have a camera at the time, and I was quite attentive to things. I get nervous feeling the slabs of that bridge (Church St) quiver when vehicles whiz by me.

    Happy Cinco de Mayo! I’m meeting a friend or two at 4:30 to salute with a couple shots of tequila. Might be too cool to drink that beverage, though.

    1. Yeah, I used to sing with the Piedmont Men’s Chorale during the summer, but I found that to be a bit much with all of the Chorale engagements. Plus, that concert always falls within my tech conference/vacation weeks. It’s as much a scheduling problem as anything.

  2. Speaking of music, I saw where the NC Symphony and a chorus were doing the Verdi Requiem up in the Triangle this spring. One concert was to be in the concert hall in Raliegh, but the other was to be in the Duke Chapel! I can’t imagine trying to do that work in a place as reverberant as the Duke Chapel. Got to sing in there once with FBC Clemson College Chorale, and it’s not good for fast paced or loud music. The Agnus Dei would’ve sounded nice, but the rest? Scares me to think of the task the performers would face.

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