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I guess I shouldn’t be surprised at the number of other South Carolina bloggers that are making waves in the ether. Wait a minute – that statement implies that I’M making waves. Actually, I think they are more like molecular-scaled ripples. Regardless, until I can get my links situation worked out, here is a listing of other blogs – some local, some not-so-local.


South Carolina (in no particular order)

Upstate South Carolina Outdoors – Fellow explorer Mark Elbrecht writes about abandoned and hidden places in the Greenville area.  Great stuff here.

Sciway.net – Probably one of the most comprehensive lists of online resources for South Carolina anywhere. If you can’t find it here, it’s probably not online.

A Day’s Drive from Greenville – As the name suggests, this blog highlights day trips from Greenville. Each entry is accompanied by photos and lat/long coordinates.

Blue Ridge Blog – “The life and times of a hillbilly photographer.” OK, so she’s in Boone, North Carolina, but it’s close enough. Most of the US thinks we’re just one state anyway. Marie Freeman takes some marvelous shots, and one spectacular image after another accompanies her posts.

The UFFP – the Unofficial Furman Football Page has been around for quite awhile. It contains information on all things related to Furman Paladins, and then some. Enter the discussion forums at your own risk.

Downtown Daily Photo – Photographer Denon takes a photo of downtown Greenville every day and posts it to his blog.

Duck Notes – Another Flicker colleague, Duckhunter, keeps a blog of his activities and photography in the Upstate.

The Traveler’s Blog – Our good friends Joyce and Nancy McCarrell have decided to open a restaurant in Travelers Rest. This is a blog of their adventure.

Glob – Robert Kelley is a music professor in Lander who enjoys Shape Note singing. His blog includes a record of the singings along with some of his photography.

Thinkhammer – Phil Yanov is the director of the Greenville Spartanburg Anderson Technology Council (GSATC). He can also be heard on SC Public Radio with Eric Rogers on Your Day.

Specs Appeal – Llew owns a bookstore in Easley, SC, but blogs quite a bit about Asheville.

Rapid Eye Reality – Brad “Otis” Willis is a former WYFF-TV person, traveler, and professional poker player.  He’s been blogging in the Upstate even longer than I have.

Life of Brian – Brian, aka Mr. Miata, had a finite, but challenging goal – to photograph his Miata, known as “The Emperor”, in front of every post office in South Carolina.  He recently wrapped up his quest with a trip to Daufuski Island, but continues his blog with other musings.

Kelly Weekes – Neighbor and fellow educator Kelly has started her own blog for her family.

Gap Creek Gourmet - Nicole is a self-professed “foodie” living in the Greenville area (Gap Creek, to be specific.)  She writes about the local restaurant scene as well as other happenings in the area.

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