Visiting Sparkleberry

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  1. Spartanburg historically seems to have been unable to get everyone on the same team, unlike Greenville. I think, in retrospect, that it was a divide between the rich folks on the East Side and the blacks on the South Side and elsewhere in smaller pockets. Never worked together except the SHS football team. As the city demographics changed, it became a case of the city and county not working together. I think it is getting better, or hope it is, but i wonder if the West Side of Spartanburg has shifted its focus to Greenville and left the rest of the area to itself. Not sure, but it’s a working hypothesis.

    Lots of cool stuff to shoot over there, but lots has been lost over the years. Much of what I grew up with is no longer in existance. Still, you might find riding around to be fun. Go out to Cedar Spring School for the Deaf and Blind if you want to see some cool buildings, one of which (Walker Hall) is a magnificent structure dating from the mid 1800s. That’s out near where I grew up. I’m looking forward to seeing your Flickr stream on your recent trip!

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