Urban Religion in Greenville

5 thoughts on “Urban Religion in Greenville”

  1. I always wanted to go inside Central Baptist, particularly after reading the Greenville News article on it a while back. I don’t think it’s ever been an African-American church, and the congregation merged with Earle Street a few years ago. I understand the interior was quite something in its day, and this was one of the largest congregations in Greenville at a time. Sad to see the dangers to the old Beth Israel Temple and to 3rd Pres.. And I appreciated your comment about the removal of the Star of David from the small former synagogue. Sounds like a great trip around that area.

    1. Ken, youare correct about Central Baptist. I had thought it was African American because of the proximity to Mattoon, but was mistaken. I’ve corrected it above.

  2. So glad I ran across this article. Two of the churches above, my grandfather, Rev. John Henry Smith, built and pastored. You even have his house there, where a lot of my childhood was spent. The churches are Mountain View Baptist Church, Cagle Street, and the house was his house. His grave and my grandmother’s is between the house and the church. Thank you.

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