Trekking across Chester and Fairfield Counties – The Ghost Towns of Highway 321

One thought on “Trekking across Chester and Fairfield Counties – The Ghost Towns of Highway 321”

  1. Two cool looking churches. Concord PC particularly … how beautiful inside. And the White Oak ARP had such a great exterior.

    I’ve spent some time at White Oak Conference Center. Back around 79 or 80, whenever it first opened, the SCBC moved their Youth Music Workshop down there from Furman for some reason. I think they thought it’d provide a good use for the facilities for a week, was more centralized, and perhaps less expensive than Furman. However, we went from performing the end-of-week concert on McAlister stage to performing it in the dining center, which did not have particularly great acoustics. 🙂 Still … it was cool to be out there, and to enjoy the facilities they DID have at that early date.

    The second time was in the mid 90s in my brief stay with FBC Clemson. We went down for a singles retreat. Saw some attractive women, but the weekend showed the sad change in state baptist programming over the preceeding 15 years. In one of the seminars, the facilitator seemed all to eager to get his “pits of hell” reference in. I thought, “This is a diffferent group of Baptist “leders” than we had in the good old days. Oh well …

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