Town and Country Photo Class

2 thoughts on “Town and Country Photo Class”

  1. Great blog! The class was a little different than I expected. As a rookie, I was very happy to be in the company of folks like you that I could learn from. However, I was hoping for a little more instruction. I’ll know next time. Looking through a lens did help me see the town I grew up in much differently. Sorry you didn’t get out of it what you had hoped. Perhaps the nature hike will be different. Although you look to have all the knowledge one needs. Well I guess we all can learn something new everyday. Your shots are great. I was happy to see that I took some similar ones. Of course they don’t look like yours. It was great meeting and talking with you.

  2. Jennifer – it was great meeting you, too, and I am so totally going to steal your architectural alphabet idea! (I’ll give you credit, though.) I’m looking forward to seeing your shots.

    As for the class, like you, I was hoping for some more direct instruction. I’ve been familiar with Diane’s work for a long time, and was hoping that she would share more on technique. I didn’t know what Ann would bring to the class, but I was hoping it would be more background on the city.

    I guess we’ll have to see how things go with the “country” excursion.

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