Touring Biltmore

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  1. Glad you enjoyed your visit, I actually work there as a house host and was reading your blog to make sure you’d been told accurate information about the house. The only thing that stood out to me was the organ. I hope they told you that the organ in the house is not the original one but came from a woman who had inherited it and wanted it to be restored and played. Mr. Cecil (current owner) agreed and he repaired the organ, and began playing it in the house for guests. They think the original one, ordered for the house, ended up at the church, All Souls Esp., but that is uncertain. The organ loft was without an organ for almost 100 years. Glad you had fun!

  2. Thanks for the update, Cinthia. Information on the organ during the tour was not as detailed as what you provided. As a musician myself, I appreciate the update.

    I’d always read that the original organ was non-functioning because the design structurally didn’t fit the house. The pipes were left, but were purely decorative.

  3. I love the Biltmore and have visited at many seasons of the year. I enjoyed reliving my visits through your photos. The roof tour was one of my favorites visits to the Biltmore. I have photos of the gardens with flowers blooming on my blog. I am happy to have stumbled on your blog! Planning on visiting Savannah next week and hoped to see the lighthouse at Tybee, but just my luck it is closed! There is a great bridge in upperstate SC from before the civil war that you might enjoy if you have not been to it. Thanks for all the great photos!

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