The Search for Moving Water

2 thoughts on “The Search for Moving Water”

  1. The waterfall exposure problem you mention with Pearson’s Falls is all too common. I just had a thought about that, though. Some new cameras have a feature that is supposed to adjust exposure somehow for backlighting. I don’t know if it’s the equivilant of the “equalize” adjustment in Photoshop, but the feature is billed as bringing out foreground detail without wiping out the background with over-exposure (if I understand correctly). My thought: I wonder what th effect would be of using this setting on a waterfall with mixed lighting (shadow low and full light up high). I don’t think the feature uses fill flash; it’s apparently a processing routine in the camera.

  2. thanks for the descriptive writing about your trip. Looks like some interesting spots for me to add to my list.

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