The Saluda at Piedmont

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  1. I saw a lot of the same sort of environmental trashing when in eastern Kentucky. There is a demographic of folks who don’t think in the same terms as we might about not trashing up the environment. I don’t know that such folks often change their minds about that. Clean-up might involve different people living in the area. At least from what I can tell.

    1. Laura’s sister’s strategy was to go ahead and clean up a particularly trashy area. When folks came and saw that the area was nice and neat, they tended to leave it that way. If they found it trashy, they wouldn’t think twice about adding more trash to the area.

      It might be worth some time invested as an experiment.

  2. Bucky – the Paddling Guide is online. I just had the link in this post formatted incorrectly. That has been fixed, and I appreciate your catching it.

    As far as getting started, there are several great groups around that go on regular trips, and most welcome novices. You can check out the Greenville Canoe and Kayak Meetup, Palmetto Paddlers, and several others. If you do a Google search for these, they should turn up.

  3. Tom,

    I enjoyed the photos and comments. Also thought it funny how I know Tim Taylor. Stay tuned. I am working on a grant that would create a 9 mile river trail in this area. Would really like your support spreading the word of our efforts.

    Ty Houck
    Director of Greenways, Natural and Historic Resources
    Greenville County Recreation District

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