The Oconee Bale Trail

4 thoughts on “The Oconee Bale Trail”

  1. Sounds like a cool trip. If you ever want a nice longer hike, take the Yellow Branch Falls trail (the parking area is on the left right about where Stumphouse Tunnel is on the right – maybe a little further back toward Walhaulla). The falls are beuatiful with a trickle or a torrent coming over them due to the fancy ledging. Also, Oconee Station is just off 11 on the way east from West Union. Nice falls there, plus the old blockhouse and some other stuff.

  2. Thanks Tom. I was wondering who was going to take up the care-giver role when Glynda retired and had all that time on her hands. The whole family is counting on you.

  3. Y’awl notice on that first pic of hay bales in the field that he gets a pointalist type effect on the bales near us and even on the field itself. Most hay bale pix I’ve seen are really quite boring, but this one has that Seurat style that is rather cool.

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