The New Modern Prophets

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  1. Great mashup audio – I just think you should call the 800 number and record the response to include it in your masterpiece too.

  2. Rev/bishop Huriah Boynton is no mystery man really. He is a numbers man! His special blessings are him giving you a hot number that’s suppose to hit when he says to play it! Living in Cleveland Ohio and for the last 24 years in georgia, i too listened to all those sunday morning money prophets and actually hit a few times with them.

  3. LMAO! I have been aware of The Good Reverend Huriah Boynton since the 90s from his weekly broadcasts in Atlanta way back before he cut off his Jheri Curl. My cousin and I used to watch and laugh hilariously at his many catchphrases and of course his theme song, “If You Can’t Help Me, PLEASE Don’t Stop Me”. He was the first tv ‘pastor’ to routinely only use his bible for emphasis while gesturing with his hands. He talked more about the area he covered and his ‘prayer line’ than the word. I used to get my laugh on at his expense but damn if I don’t say, ‘if you can’t help me, please don’t stop me’ to someone, somewhere regularly!
    So after watching for a couple of years one day my cousin and I were at my (not his)grandmother’s house and somehow Rev. Huriah became the topic. Well my Big Mama knew The Good Reverend as her ‘Numbers Man’. OMG! Me and Cuz laughed until we had tears but that wasn’t it…..Rev. Huriah has false legs like Lt. Dan from Forrest Gump. Sorta explains his sometimes unsteady side 2-step. I’m not sure about now but Reverend Huriah used to make house calls for his ‘Saints’ to receive their blessings. He had a long, old-school, wine-colored Lincoln I think it was, with a driver.
    …if leave you in song….
    If you can’t help meeeee, PLEASE(!) don’t stop me,
    Move outta my way,
    Don’t TRY to block me.
    I gotta race to run,
    And I’m run-ning by faaaaith,
    At the finishing liiiine,
    I’m gonna see god’s face!
    Tune in next week for ‘The POWER Hour with Reverend Huriah Boynton’!

  4. Well. As he is known in Metro Detroit as “the Reverend Doctor Huriah”! Yeah, back in the day Jehri Curl old cazelle sun glasses driving a really really old Mercedes. Wanna Be Mac Daddy! LOL! All I can say is…..You can dream your numbers yourself, like I do! Jesus is and has been FREE for a very very long time. No! Never hit any numbers given from ..”Reverend Doctor Huriah”. He can sing those catchy songs though… “move outta my wayyyy, do try to block me”…..

  5. I remember going to his money green building on 6 mile and Ilene in detroit. He was very handsome with smooth skin and I remember his desk being covered with candles. He gave me a number and I hit that same day. He called me and said were you blessed? He offered to have his driver deliver me another blessing. I had to pay $20 for that blessing.

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