The Children’s Graveyard

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  1. Ok – now how did I miss this entry? I’ve even blogged about this graveyard (years ago) when I first stumbled upon it. Creepy. Now I’m not allowed to go there by myself.

    I love your photos though – so much better than mine I won’t even bother to link to my entry with grainy pictures.

    1. Hey, It’s the grainy pics that make folks really believe in ghosts! I think I remember your blog post. I’ll have to revisit it (and maybe this graveyard again)

  2. The other unidentified structures are remnants of Thackston’s Dairy. They are what’s left of the barn foundations, etc. The cemetery layout appears to be in 2 sections–part belonged to the church, part to the dairy. For dairy employees who were too poor or otherwise had no place to bury their dead, the dairy allowed them space in their cemetery.

    I grew up with the Thackstons, as did my mother, with a prior generation of them. The last “real” Thackston of that line died in the last year or two I believe. He was the grandfather of the girl I grew up with.

    1. Thanks, Jenn. I thought that might be the case, but wasn’t sure. Since visiting the location I had found out a bit more about both the Thackstons and Duncan Chapel.

      That’s fascinating about the cemetery being in two sections.

    2. Hey Jenn, I spent my early years friends with the granddaughters of Thackston Dairy owners. Spent a lot of time at the house that was there, swimming in their pool and exploring the old dairy barn. Don’t recall the graveyard, we were in our single-digit years and stayed on the dairy side of Thackston Rd where there was quite enough to keep us busy! (Side note: Furman got it’s land thanks to the Thackstons.) Thanks for your info. I’m guessing you must have grown up with the daughter of one of my childhood friends, Sallie or Weezie?

  3. I thought it was interesting as well, but I haven’t been able to find much published info about the dairy.

    I’m such a history fanatic…I’ve lived within about 2 miles of that area my whole life, so I’ve grown up on local lore 🙂

  4. I have been to this cemetary several times…but i do go at 1, 2, 3, and 4 in the morning…once i couldnt get out of the car because of the feelings of dispair and foreboding….but when we did go in…you hear running sounds…you see apparitions of little kids…i have pictures of orbs….and its definately colder back there…but you also have to be careful of the bobcats out there especially in the summer time…but i go for the paranormal experience…i would like a career in paranormal research…feel free to e-mail me with any comments or complaints…hopefully no complaints

  5. I visited the cemetery on 6/5/11. It was sad to see it in such disarray. At one point while walking through the area my head felt like it was trapped in a tightening vice. As I walked a little further the feeling disappeared. I went back to the area where it happened and it occurred again. After doing this several times I realized it only happened in front of Jesse C. Hollingsworth’s gravestone. It was the strangest experience I’ve ever had. Would like to learn more about Mr. Hollingsworth and maybe understand why this happened. RIP Jesse C. Hollingsworth, whatever your story may be.

  6. Hello People, This place Thackston, you are talking a bout is for real. Now the Grave yard is on Left side of RD. I use to go down this rd, Then they nade a new Rd beside Gas Station. The Church was to the left of Grave yard. Now the concret you are talking a bout is the Thackton Dairy. I was in it in 1939 -1940. To day I’m 83 years old. Now what you don’t know now is that they are making a Children Clinic Here, also to the left they are going to make, I think a WalMat Grocer Store ?? I know were a picture of Church is. Will try to get it. I know Mr Neely, Who is a grad for Duncan school, He has famly there also a ladie,Who has family there. If I can help you I will Write to me I have a bottle 1/2 pint of Dairy now mite. A worker found it .

    1. Hello Mr. Thomas
      They did put a Walmart Store there and destroyed the headstones. It is a very sad sight. You mentioned a picture of the Church. How could I go about getting a copy of that? Or at least see it? I have a friend that has distant family buried there.
      Thank you,
      Cheryl McBryde

  7. John Thomas. Now I have 3 1/2 Pint bottle’s. Also MR Thackston Store was Just near Rail Rord. The Duncan Home is beside rail RD.Now used by Furman. Talk to a man today, He told me of Thackston Death and were it was.He also told me were to go and found out more.I hope they will clean the Grave Yard up.If you know any thing, Please let me know Thank you.

  8. Today, July 18, 2014. I was across the street from the childrens grave yard entrance. There were earth movers and dump trucks. A lot of digging going on there. I have heard about stores being put up. But what about the graves. Will they move them?, Leave them? I have been to the grave yard many times it’s good to hear a bit of history to go along with it.Please let me know what you think about the future of the graves, I really don’t know what the law is about that. Thank you

  9. I have been to the Graveyard many times over the years as I have a friend that has distant family buried there. I really hate to say they destroyed it doing all the building. What head stones that was not broke got broke during construction. When I went back after it was all said and done most of the head stones are gone as well as the field stones that marked graves. They have put a fence around it. You have to walk up a pretty good size hill to get to the gate. It is so sad….

  10. My husband had a great interest in the graveyard. We also have a milk bottle from there. I would like to see it protected.

    1. Jean, I wish I could post some pictures here for you to see last summer during construction and what it looks like now. Heartbreaking.

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