The Battle of the Minis

5 thoughts on “The Battle of the Minis”

  1. I’m thinking back to the early days of PC’s, when just about everyone was making them in garages and there were dozens of companies making them. There was this little one with a “chicklet” keyboard, I think the name was a Sinclair.

    Didn’t stay on the market long as I recall…

  2. The first truly portable computer I encountered was the old TRS-80. It had a whopping 16 KB of memory and a 3-line LCD display. Even after I got a PC I still used it. I could type away, then upload what I had typed as an ASCII file to my PC.

  3. I traded up for a bigger laptop. The “eyesight” thing. Yeah; it’s a lot bigger and somewhat heavier than my old Macbook. But works for me. With normal eyesight, one of these little ‘ens might indeed be cool.

  4. Even with normal (somewhat) eyesight, the minis are a challenge. Despite the funky keyboard and smaller screen, the Dell seems to be easier on my eyes than the HP 2133.

  5. I’m eventually going to start using a speech dictation software on my laptop (and maybe the desktop). As I’m essentially lazy, I haven’t worked with it yet. I wonder how close we are to having really good speech – to – text and maybe an eyepiece (like a contact lens) that lets us have a “heads up” display from a computer maybe the size of an iPod.

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