Test Driving the i-gotU GPS Tracker

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  1. I agree, I was very excited about this until I found your review. Thanks for the heads up, looks like I saved $40.

  2. Maybe if you only do car based photography, this isn’t the unit for you. I just bought one, walked around the block, and it tracked the route I took very well, with positions within give or take 15 foot.

    Seems great for the price for those of us who don’t live in cars.

  3. Actually, I do quite a bit of walking around photography, and this thing still couldn’t track well. Regardless, if you get one to work for you, then more power to you.

  4. Hey, it looks like you only had five or size sample points.

    How often were you logging (Under the advanced setting in the S/W)?

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  6. This item works effortlessly for myself and I can see no problems with it what so ever. You do have to read the instructions that come on the disc as they give you plenty of helpful advice. I have tried this both in my car and on my motorbike. In the car it was blue tak’d on the front of the dash with the button facing upward. On the bike it was just tied onto my handle bars with string.


    This is the motorbike results from today with the interval set to 5 seconds.

    Please do give them a try. I honestly believe in them.

  7. Maybe what we actually have here are QA issues, I’m very impressed with the easy way mine works.

    I’ve experimented with it in the car and on foot and it just seems to work.

    I tie wrap mine to my camera bag. You can press the button at any time to log your position you don’t have to rely on just the set interval.

    For the price I cannot believe how good this device is.

  8. Today I used it on the bike, time interval set to 1 sec. Works perfect!!! Even between buildings and in the forrest.
    @trip PC is a nice program delivered with the receiver so you can see your speed over time, max , average etc.
    Only thing I miss is altitude recording (I want to put the device in a RC plane).
    Also usefull for surfing (water resistant).

  9. I am wondering why the device supports only 16000 waypoints. Having a decent 20-meter poll interval (supposing the device supports distance intervals), only a 320km trip is supported, which clearly is not enough.

    I don’t think flash chips are that expensive these days.

  10. It’s fascinating to me the number of comments this review has engendered. As I state before, it didn’t work for me, but if it works for you – great!

    My tests were done in a controlled situation over time, so I think they were very fair and thorough. For the company’s benefit, I hope that I just got a faulty unit.

    I’m now using the QStarz BT-1000, and the better accuracy and features greatly make up for the increase in price and size.

  11. I bought this, not necessarily to match my track with pictures, but just to have a small discrete gps. So far it sux. I has not logged a sinle thing and it says it has. I’m not impressed and plan on sending it back.

  12. I’d like to know what Andy is doing differently to us.. I just bought one of these and the routes it records are just wrong. I get spiky shapes appearing on the routes — it can’t even track me walking along a straight road.

    1. Lodaive – If you’ll notice, this product review was about the i-gotU GT-100, not the GT-120 as reviewed by Gadgeteer. The unit I had functioned EXACTLY as I described it.

      From Julie’s description, it looks like Mobile Action has made some significant improvements with the GT-120, especially with the software that comes with the unit. I plan to do a new review with the GT-120 in the near future, and we will see how the improvements really stack up.

  13. Seems to be very mixed opinions on this product. I Have used mine for six months running and driving. Only problems when I fail to let i start for a minute under clear sky before running off.
    No problems with the route.

    I don’t use the @trip software for more than taking the data out of the i-gotu and then exporting it.
    It seems to me that the @trip software hides information from the route…

  14. Out of interest, does the Garmin have navigation functions? If it does, it will auto fit your GPS location to the nearest road. This may be why the Garmin trace follows the road exactly, instead of the IgotU which works solely by GPS position without trying to fit your route to a mapped road.

    Just an idea 🙂

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