Teeth Whitening at the Mall

5 thoughts on “Teeth Whitening at the Mall”

  1. I had my teeth done at the mall and had GREAT results! Why pay a dentist 500!! They were very knowlegable and never claimed to be dentists

  2. OMG, they don’t realize if done improperly it can literally ‘cook’ the nerves of the teeth! Working in a dentist office for 20 yrs. I know this to be true, we have done many root canals on people for just this reason! The cheap trays you buy on the toothpaste isle in Wal Mart work just as well, & if you experience any sensitivity (which is a usual side effect) you just stop using the bleach for a day or two and let your teeth remineralize so you can start back again.

  3. I’d be very suspecting of a teeth whitening booth in the mall. If not done properly, you could really damage your teeth, gums and nerves. It would be better to get the whitener trays at the store and use those in the privacy of your own home. They are not as potent, but work just fine and you are less likely to damage your mouth permanently.

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