Taylors Renaissance and Textures

3 thoughts on “Taylors Renaissance and Textures”

  1. I’ve had the “pour-over” coffee once – at a shop that was (is?) over where the Forum was near McAlister. I like the idea, but the beans they used weren’t really to my liking. Moe Joes got some of those pour-over rigs, but I haven’t used them. I think the price is ok, though more than normally brewed coffee. I’m a French Press guy myself, when it’s done right. Had that at Cromer’s in Cola, and it was the best coffee I’ve ever had.

    Those textures are really cool. One thing I used to do was to take a texture image and push the colors/contrast/saturation so that I could contrive an image that looked like a fresco. Often it was rather abstract looking, but imagery was hinted at. Sometimes, on a canvas, such steps suggest a painting that ends up being more objective (though still somewhat abstracted or vague. Pretty cool to play with.

    1. Ken, the textures are going to form the base for other projects. I can go in and tweak the saturation, etc., to create different effects. You don’t even need Photoshop to do this. Pixlr.com will let you do texture overlays, too.

      I may have to bite the bullet and try one of those syphon coffees.

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