Taming the Tyger

6 thoughts on “Taming the Tyger”

  1. Cool! looking at the Saluda below Holliday Dam on GoogleEarth, I can see how these upcountry rivers would be challenging. The Tyger never seemed to be a big river to me, so I’m glad it’s big enough for a great and challenging experience without constant groundings on sand bars.

    1. Ken, I’ve seen some of the rapids on the Saluda at Erwin Mill near Ware Place, and they look interesting.. The Saluda has been dammed (damned?) more times than the Tyger, but it still have some decent whitewater. My thoughts is that it will be flatter than the Tyger, but with some bursts of excitement.

  2. Hi Tom!
    One of the paddling sisters, here! I really enjoyed your account of the river and your photos. Thanks for sharing and hope to see you again soon!

    1. Hey Abigail! I’ll send you a link to a full resolution copy of your photo. Hope you guys had a good time. That was a fun trip.

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