Two Libraries, Revisited

Taylors Library Branch

Back in 2010 I wrote a piece entitled “Two Libraries, Two Attitudes.” In that article I took the Greenville County Library to task for their Internet blocking policies. At the time they blocked lots of sites, such as Twitter and most blogs, because their Acceptable Use Policy stated that the computers couldn’t be used for chat. By extension, this included most forms of social media, including Facebook, Myspace, and other similar sites.

The other night one Brian Dykes, who apparently is an employee of the library, left a comment stating that the information in that post was now incorrect. The snarky tone of the comment aside, I decided to take Mr. Dykes up on his challenge, and revisit the library to see if they had, in fact, reformed their policies. Continue reading “Two Libraries, Revisited”

Starting from “Scratch”

This is the first of two applications I’ve come across this week which I’ll be highlighting here. First is Scratch, a free downloadable programming application from MIT modeled on the old Logo programming language. Later I’ll be taking a look at DimDim, a free alternative to the popular GoToMeeting application. I first learned about Scratch … Continue reading Starting from “Scratch”

Diving into Social Networking

I’ve spoken of my hesitance to get involved with the whole Facebook/MySpace thing. However, it seems that I’m slipping deeper and deeper into the Social Networking abyss. First there was blogging, then Flickr. Those were the gateway drugs leading to Twitter, Virb, and Facebook. Now I think I’ve taken the ultimate plunge. I helped Laura … Continue reading Diving into Social Networking


I’ve resisted for a long time, but I’ve finally done it. I now have a Facebook page. I came across my nephew Chip’s Facebook profile while looking at his blog, and through it had discovered that most of my nieces and nephews as well as two of my sisters were on there. The clencher was … Continue reading Facebook

Libraries and Museums – Not There Yet

This photograph of Nina Simon over at Museum 2.0 pretty much sums up my experience with museum and library websites over the weekend. This was also the conclusion of Simon’s paper describing museums and libraries in the 21st Century.

This all got started this past weekend as I was reviewing websites for a graduate course I’m taking. I was not only looking at museums and libraries, but historical societies, as well. My intent was to see what actual resources were offered on their various websites and to see how they have bought into social networking. What I found was a bit discouraging. Continue reading “Libraries and Museums – Not There Yet”

To Tweet or Not To Tweet

OK, so the phrase is hardly original. Apparently I’m not the only one to wonder why in the world I would want to use Twitter. I mean, do I really want the entire world to know that I’m watching “Evan Almighty” as I’m typing this? Do I really need to micro-document my entire life? I … Continue reading To Tweet or Not To Tweet

SCETV Day 3 – Reflections on Censorship

South Carolina State House

Today was a jam-packed day. I had three sessions back to back, then it was time to drive home. There was one last session on basic Google Earth, then two on Geotagging. Yesterday during the late afternoon I had drive around Columbia snapping pictures so that I would have some shots for tagging.

Thurmond DomeWar Protesters 2Varsity BilliardsETV Satellite FarmETV Building

The first session went well, then it was a mad dash to the other ETV building for geotagging. It was a small room, so we had a rather information demonstration/discussion. Both sessions went very well, and my photos showed up in Google Earth exactly like they were supposed to. Continue reading “SCETV Day 3 – Reflections on Censorship”

2 Much 2.0?

Discovery Education is playing a large role in this week’s workshops sponsored by SCETV. After all, through their partnership with SCETV, all schools in the state have access to on-demand video via StreamlineSC. This evening I joined a large group of local educators who are part of the Discovery Education Network for dinner and discussion. … Continue reading 2 Much 2.0?