Working with the Flip Mino

Flip Mino

One of the perks of my job is that I get to try to try out lots of new tech toys. One of our curriculum coordinators had requested one of the little Flip Mino video cameras. She graciously let me give it a whirl before giving it back to her.

Even though this device (or some version of it) has been out for about a year now, I hadn’t gotten very excited about it. High-quality video cameras are now very reasonably priced, and now even point-n-shoot cameras come with a video mode. The question was – Is the Flip redundant? Would you be better off applying the cost of the Flip toward a better point-n-shoot? I really needed to find out because I’ve got several others requesting these, and needed to know how best to spend our equipment funds. Continue reading “Working with the Flip Mino”

Ein Deutches Requiem

Saturday night I sang with the Spartanburg Festival Chorus and the Spartanburg Philharmonic in their performance of Brahms’ Ein Deutches Requiem. The Festival Chorus is directed by Keith Jones, and the Philharmonic is conducted by Sarah Ionnides, who conducted this performance. The Festival Chorus consists mostly of Converse students with some additions from area churches. … Continue reading Ein Deutches Requiem

Flickr Adds Video

The Blogosphere is buzzing with the news that Flickr has now added support for video. However, they are not striving to become another YouTube. Flickr has always been about photographs, and they are adhering to a strict interpretation of what’s acceptable. They look at these videos as more “long photos” than anything. Basically, just a … Continue reading Flickr Adds Video

Shirley Bassey @ 71

On NPR’s Morning Edition last Saturday Scott Simon had an interview with Dame Shirley Bassey on the occasion of her 71st birthday and the release of a new CD. Bassey is best known for singing the theme song from the James Bond Movie Goldfinger, but has many other recognizable hits, in addition to two other … Continue reading Shirley Bassey @ 71

Tilt-Shift Video

Local Greenville blogger Eric Rogers stumbled across one of my posts about tilt-shift photography and thought he’d give it a try. Eric is a filmmaker, so he took things a step further and tried to tilt-shift a video clip. The results are quite good. Here’s a link to his finished product in Quicktime .MOV format… … Continue reading Tilt-Shift Video