Hidden Columbia

Tuesday I had to make one of my occasional trips down to Columbia for a meeting. The meeting was being held in an unusual location, and there were traffic detours all around the school. That meant that I saw more of Columbia neighborhoods than I normally see on one of these visits. Seeing the abandoned … Continue reading Hidden Columbia

Multitrack Madness

Back in 1985 my brother Houston introduced me to Todd Rundgren’s innovative album, A Cappella [sic]. Rundgren used digital sampling to create an album made up only of the human voice. He added distortion and manipulated the sounds to emulate drums and other instruments. Back then this was really impressive, and I was amazed that … Continue reading Multitrack Madness

Dance, Dance Evolution

I think this is why the name “Random Connections” is so appropriate for this blog. Two seemingly unrelated events come together to form a semi-coherent thesis, and for some reason I feel compelled to write about it. Here’s what happened… Last Thursday Laura was in the mood for a French Dip sandwich. We were amazed … Continue reading Dance, Dance Evolution