Owings Pioneer Days 2008


This morning I was feeling much, much better than I had the past couple of days, so I decided to head down to Owings for their Pioneer Days. I had gone last year and really enjoyed myself, and really didn’t want to miss this year’s event. It was enjoyable again this year, but this year I noticed something very distressing. More on that later.

I left Greenville early so that I could get there before the parade started. As I was driving down the Interstate it looked like a wall of clouds hovering over the Gray Court exit. Under this cloud the humidity skyrocketed. Unfortunately, hot and humid was the way it was going to be. Continue reading “Owings Pioneer Days 2008”

Photo of the Month

Sciway.net (South Carolina Information Highway) is an outstanding website that has information or links to information to just about anything you would want to know about South Carolina. I use their resources regularly, and have tried to promote them when doing conference presentations, etc. There is some great stuff there. Random Connections has just been … Continue reading Photo of the Month

The Children’s Graveyard

Mary P

Eric from “A Day’s Drive from Greenville” recently wrote about a trip he took to the “Children’s Graveyard” near Furman University. His descriptions and photos made me want to take a visit for myself, so today I set off in search of this supposedly haunted location.

I had only heard about this graveyard recently while reading about ghost stories of the Upstate. It’s odd that throughout all my years of association with Furman and the Furman area I was never aware of this cemetery. However, it is easy to overlook the entrance, and the area has been left undeveloped.

Thanks to Eric’s lat/long coordinates, I was able to find the spot with no trouble. The entrance road, Thackston Road on Google Maps, has huge holes in the pavement and doesn’t look like something that’s really accessible. If you didn’t know what you were looking for, you would drive right by.

Continue reading “The Children’s Graveyard”

A Night at the Fair

Since it’s Labor Day Weekend, the Upper South Carolina Fair must be in town. I decided to wait until Sunday evening to make a visit so I could get pictures of the lights and possibly some long exposure shots. As I drove over to the fairgrounds it started dumping rain. This did not bode well, … Continue reading A Night at the Fair

Middleton at Night

We were worried. Not even a real thunderstorm, but the threat of one caused the power to go out for quite awhile. We attended the wine reception at the lodge without power (and AC.) When the large glass windows started acting like a greenhouse, we decided it was time to leave. Fortunately the power came … Continue reading Middleton at Night

Middleton Place

We got up early enough for breakfast at the Lake House on the grounds. It was a bit odd. There was no one to greet or seat us. We just wandered in and helped ourselves to a very nice full breakfast. I guess they figured that anyone who was there belonged there. After breakfast we … Continue reading Middleton Place