Christmas a capella

I love a capella and close harmonies, for just about any genre of music.  My co-worker, Rick, alerted me to a new group he’d heard on XM radio called Straight No Chaser that does some absolutely fantastic Christmas music.   I’ve been enjoying it quite a bit lately, much to Laura’s dismay. Most of the group’s … Continue reading Christmas a capella

A Quick Trip to Arden

I was really craving German food. Since the closing of Haus Edleweiss in Greenville there has been no way to satisfy that craving locally. My sister, Glynda, and I decided to make a quick trip up to Arden, NC, to the Black Forest Cafe to celebrate Octoberfest in style. We also found a potential shopping … Continue reading A Quick Trip to Arden

Judging a Book by its Cover – The Lost Symbol

OK, I know I shouldn’t be writing about Dan Brown’s latest book, The Lost Symbol, before I finish reading it, but…

Brown’s latest adventure with Harvard Symbologist (and just what the heck is that?) Robert Langdon hit the bookstores today. Laura had pre-ordered it, so at precisely 12:01 am Pacific (3:01 am our time) the book was dumped onto our Kindle Readers without having to make a trip to the book store. I’ve just finished the first several chapters, and I think I’ve read enough to make at least a few observations.

1. Dan Brown can’t write Continue reading “Judging a Book by its Cover – The Lost Symbol”

Black Forest German

I had decided to ride up toward Hendersonville and Asheville for a Sunday drive. While driving through Hendersonville I spotted Haus Heidleberg, and it reminded me of the hole that had been left in Greenville’s ethnic cuisine since the closing of Haus Edleweiss last year. That also got me craving German food. It was too … Continue reading Black Forest German

Three Movies in One Week

Summer blockbuster season is upon us, and is in full swing.  After a dearth of movies, the theaters seem filled with films I want to see.  So much so that I did something unprecedented – three movies in the theater in one week. Tuesday Night – 2nd viewing of Star Trek Since I’ve already given … Continue reading Three Movies in One Week

Star Trek 90210

We went to see the new Star Trek movie on Saturday.  Being a true Trekkie, I had been anticipating this one for a long time.  By now everyone knows the drill – director J. J. Abrams’ intention was to reboot the series with new actors, telling the story of how the famous Enterprise crew first … Continue reading Star Trek 90210

Pomegranate on Main

Tuesday evening we got together with our friends Karen and Herman and tried out Pomegranate on Main. We were in the mood for something different by tasty, and this certainly fit the bill. I only had my cell phone here, so the photos don’t do the place justice. Atmosphere POM is located just across the … Continue reading Pomegranate on Main

Duncan Family Restaurant

Duncan Cafeteria

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a restaurant review. We’ve been eating at home most of the time, and when we do go out, it tends to be to our regular spots. So finding new places lately has been rare. To make up for my slackness, I’m going to do two back-to-back restaurant posts. This first one is my latest visit to the Duncan Family Restaurant in Duncan, SC. Despite previous very, very bad experiences in this location as another restaurant, Duncan Family Restaurant has turned out to be a delightful surprise. Continue reading “Duncan Family Restaurant”