Interesting what an innocent-looking clump of daffodils can do. They look so sweet and innocent, but in me they used to trigger major panic attacks. That’s the funny thing about triggers. You never know what or when something will set you off. I say “used to.” I’ve been taking lots of photos of daffodils lately … Continue reading Triggers

Retirement One Month In

Indian River Paddling
Kayaking on the Indian River

It’s been a little over a month since I retired, so I thought it would be a good time for a bit of omphaloskepsis.  I’m still coming to terms with the situation, and the concept still seems weird as all get out, but the reality hasn’t hit.  It’s more like my summers used to be when I was a teacher, so it hasn’t felt that different.  It’s been more like an extended vacation.  Since it’s now post-July 4th the Back-to-School sales have already started.  I’m slowly relinquishing the anxiety attacks that used to hit when I saw those, wondering if we were going to get everything done over the summer in time.  It had gotten so bad that just driving by a school – any school – induced panic.

I think it will really hit home first when I get my first retirement check next week, then when everyone is actually heading back to school, and I’m not.  I did get a formal letter from the Department of Education just this morning with a certificate marginally suitable for framing.


Speaking of anxiety attacks, I’ve been having nightmares about my former job.  These usually take several forms.  For some reason I have to go back to the office to do something and I find that the new guy has done something absurd like pulling out all of the network cabling.  Or, people from the district show up at my home, somehow not letting me escape.  Then there are variations.  Glynda told me that nightmares like this followed her retirement for months.  Oh joy.

I actually did get a call about a file from the office.  It was one they couldn’t find (although I had clearly shown them where it was before I left.)  When I tried to log into my district Google Docs to retrieve it for them, my password had either been changed or the account deleted.  Oh well.  I guess they are completely out of luck, and I’m off the hook.  It’s not unexpected, but it seems a bit…abrupt.  So, if you’re a friend from the district reading this, don’t try sending anything to my school e-mail account – I won’t get it.

Apart from those things about which I’ve blogged previously, here’s what else has been happening…

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A Week’s Busy Activity

Supermoon (6 of 7)

I’ve gotten behind on my blogging. It seems that living life is taking more time that the documentation thereof. It’s an ironic consequence of having available time. When I do sit down to write, I tend to fall asleep. So, here goes a bit of catch-up…

Saturday Evening – Super Moon

Saturday’s full moon was a “super moon”. That’s a relatively recent term, meant to generate more interest in astronomy. A super moon occurs when the moon reaches perigee at full moon. Since it’s at its closest point to Earth, it is supposed to appear larger. Of course, this only works if the moon can be placed in context, near the horizon. The lensing effect of the atmosphere automatically makes the moon appear larger.

The trick is to find a good place to take a photo with a clear view of the horizon. I decided to try Bald Rock. I’d had success up there with sunrise shots, why not a moon rise?

I got to the location well before sunset. There were a few other around, but it wasn’t crowded. As I set up my camera and gear a woman nearby asked if I was there for the super moon. I said that I was. Another photographer set up nearby. Soon, others were joining us on the rock.

Supermoon (8 of 8)

The sun was setting behind us, so there wasn’t a good shot of the actual sunset. I did take a few photos of the Piedmont through the evening light. Continue reading “A Week’s Busy Activity”

Playing Catch Up

We had a great reunion/escape weekend in Charleston, but several things have kept me from updating my blog. Internet at our hotel was horrible. It was taking forever to upload the boatload of photos I took over the weekend. Add to that the fact that the blog got hit by a spam attack, and I … Continue reading Playing Catch Up

A Tale of Two Mugs

I’ll admit it. I’m a creature of habit. Ritual governs a large part of my daily activities. These rituals range from choice of clothing colors to the order of my morning routines. Often the ritual is a statement of what I believe. One of my most firmly established rituals involves my choice of coffee mug. … Continue reading A Tale of Two Mugs