A Quick Trip to Arden

I was really craving German food. Since the closing of Haus Edleweiss in Greenville there has been no way to satisfy that craving locally. My sister, Glynda, and I decided to make a quick trip up to Arden, NC, to the Black Forest Cafe to celebrate Octoberfest in style. We also found a potential shopping … Continue reading A Quick Trip to Arden

Belgian Delights

NOTE: This location is now closed. We were on our own for lunch today. Laura had stuff to do at Furman, and I had a rehearsal this morning.  I’d planned on something quick after rehearsal, so was en route to Taco Hell when I saw that Belgian Delights was now open.  I had to give it a … Continue reading Belgian Delights

Duncan Family Restaurant

Duncan Cafeteria

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a restaurant review. We’ve been eating at home most of the time, and when we do go out, it tends to be to our regular spots. So finding new places lately has been rare. To make up for my slackness, I’m going to do two back-to-back restaurant posts. This first one is my latest visit to the Duncan Family Restaurant in Duncan, SC. Despite previous very, very bad experiences in this location as another restaurant, Duncan Family Restaurant has turned out to be a delightful surprise. Continue reading “Duncan Family Restaurant”

Dinner and a Show

For it to be her birthday, Laura certainly had a rough start to the day. It began with her fighting off the beginnings of a cold and went downhill from there. When she got to the office, water started pouring from an overhead pipe and flooded their new offices. The rest of the day was … Continue reading Dinner and a Show

Rio Grille Reflections

Our reunion dinner was at Rio Grille in the West End of Greenville. Since this is part of a chain, and since the circumstances of our visit were out of the ordinary, I won’t do a formal review, but I thought I’d reflect on the experience, none-the-less. First there was the salad bar. This alone … Continue reading Rio Grille Reflections

Dining Disasters

Disaster #1 …Well, not really a disaster, but a lapse in judgement. Our previous district’s administration had requested that we remove our district name badges when we go out for lunch. For some reason he didn’t like the idea of district administrators out in local eateries during the school day. I’ve always tried to remember … Continue reading Dining Disasters

Adams Bistro

It seems like it’s been awhile since I’ve done an actual restaurant review. We’ve been eating at home most of the time, and haven’t really tried any place new. Since this is the penultimate Friday off for my summer schedule, I decided I’d scout out new eateries. I decided on Adams Bistro, which is fairly … Continue reading Adams Bistro