Pixlr Photo Editing

Aviary pixlr-com Picture 1

I had tried Pixlr a long time ago, but had completely forgotten about it until my friend and fellow instructional tech geek Tony Thompson posted something about it on his blog last month. With Picnic being assimilated by Google and with Aviary acting a bit weird, I was hoping another option for online photo editing would come along, and Pixlr seems to be the best option right now.

Pixlr comes in several flavors.  There is the full-fledge photo editor, but there are also several quick tools for adding preset effects.  There is Pixlr Express for quick touch-ups and Pixlr-o-Matic for effects such as vintage photos, etc.  Android and iOS apps are available for these last two services.  There is also Pixlr imm.io, an image sharing service and Pixlr Grabber, a screen capture plugin for Firefox and Chrome. Continue reading “Pixlr Photo Editing”