Onion Photography

SHREK: For your information, there’s a lot more to ogres than people think. DONKEY: Example? SHREK: Example? Okay. Uh… ogres are like onions. DONKEY: They stink? SHREK: Yes. No! DONKEY: Oh, they make you cry? SHREK: No! DONKEY: Oh, you leave them out in the sun, they get all brown and start sprouting little white … Continue reading Onion Photography

Weekend Update

Been a crazy, crazy week, both at work and at home. There hasn’t been much time to paddle, take photos, or chase down fire towers or old schools. Here’s a brief rundown… Work Our computer shipments have started to arrive. We’ve ordered far less than we usually do, but there were still pains. Our normally … Continue reading Weekend Update

Focus-Stacked Macros

Last summer when we were in Maine one of the people staying at the B&B with us was also a photographer. Over breakfast one morning he told me about image focus stacking. The technique is similar to HDR photography, but instead of exposure, different images with various focus and depth of field are combined. Several … Continue reading Focus-Stacked Macros

Of BOOBs and Curves

Nope, not what you’re thinking. If you came here looking for something else, I’m afraid you will be disappointed. This will be a dull-by-comparison tutorial on Photoshop. In this case BOOB stands for Bridge Out Of Bounds, and Bezier curves are the cool masking technique I’ve finally mastered to make intricate OOB (Out Of Bounds) … Continue reading Of BOOBs and Curves

Flowgram and BeFunky

I came across a couple of interesting web discoveries this week. One looks very useful (Flowgram), the other is just for fun (BeFunky).

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