Hope and Copyright

I’ve been following with interest the news about artist Shepherd Fairey and the controversy surrounding his iconic HOPE poster used by the Obama campaign. The Associated Press is arguing that Fairey’s poster represents an illegal use of copyrighted work. The poster is based on a 2006 photograph by Mannie Garcia, a photographer for the AP. … Continue reading Hope and Copyright

A Geeky New President

There were ample opportunities for someone like me to really get their Geek on while watching the inauguration.  First there was the Hive Mind experience of sharing the inauguration in real time with friends (and strangers) separated by thousands of miles on Twitter and Facebook.  Then there was the ability to get multiple perspectives from … Continue reading A Geeky New President

Election Aftermath

At 11:15 CNN called it – Barak Obama would become the 44th President of the United States. I really hated not being with someone to share this historic election night. I had CNN on in my hotel room, and had hourly conversations with Laura, who was watching the same returns projected onto the wall with … Continue reading Election Aftermath