Moon and Venus

This morning I was getting a later start on things. I was taking Laura for a doctor appointment, so that meant I didn’t have to leave the house quite as early. As we were having coffee she looked out our back window and noticed a crescent moon and what I assume to be Venus in … Continue reading Moon and Venus

A Super Moon Weekend

Reedy Falls Panorama

It’s been a busy week, and I haven’t had much time for blogging. I’ve got a few projects underway, and I hope to write about those shortly. In the meantime, here’s a quick weekend update…

Friday night:

One of Laura’s friends from grad school at UC Riverside has a goal – to visit every state in the United States. Carolyn had two left on her list, Idaho and South Carolina. Her friend from Germany, Christian, has accompanied her on this quest, so she met him in Charleston, toured there for a day, then headed to Greenville for a visit with Laura.

We picked up Carolyn and Christian and headed down to River Place. We knew that there was a TEDx event at the Peace Center, and that evening there was supposed to be something called the Greenville Xperience in the amphitheater, so we wanted to get parked early. We wandered around the Falls Park area, walking over the Liberty Bridge and enjoying a warm spring evening, as did half of Greenville, it seems.

Christian, Carolyn, and Laura

At one point I spotted to kayakers launching above the falls, and I knew what was about to happen. I took off at a run with my camera, but was not in time to see the first boat go over the falls. I did, however, catch the second one. Continue reading “A Super Moon Weekend”

Owls and the Moon

Sunday night the moon was spectacular – almost, but not quite full, with enough of a terminator line to highlight features on the lunar surface. I grabbed my camera and Celestron C90 telescope and headed out to the front yard to snap a few shots. I started with a 2X multiplier, but the camera shake … Continue reading Owls and the Moon